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Pakistan Bull Whip

Measures 175cm tip to top of handle. 5' braided black leather whip. Stiff black leather wrapped handle with brown leather trim and black leather wrist strap. Bulk packed.
$67.00 $46.90

Cold Steel Emperor Katana

Construction: 1060 Carbon Steel; Overall: 40.75"; Blade: 29.5" l Carbon Steel l Standard Edge l Mirror Polish Finish; Handle: Black; Other Info: High quality sharpened blade with fuller groove. Genuine...
$1,687.00 $1,180.90

Get Dressed For Battle Viking Bearded Axe

31" overall. 9" carbon steel axe head with 6" blunt edge. Hardwood shaft. Bulk packed. Note: Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.
$140.00 $98.00

Pakistan Rustic Broadsword

41" overall. 32" rustic finish high carbon steel blade. Brown leather wrapped handle. Blackened finish steel guard and pommel. No scabbard. Hand forged.
$132.00 $92.40

Cold Steel Dragonfly Wakizashi

Construction: 1060 Carbon Steel; Overall: 31.5"; Blade: 22" l Carbon Steel l Standard Edge; Handle: Green; Other Info: Iris leaf point. Black rayskin handle with teal green silk cord wrap....
$1,172.00 $820.40

Slip N Snip Folding Scissors

The original folding safety scissors. Only 3 1/8" closed. Stainless surgical steel blades. Chrome plated handles.
$50.00 $35.00

Cold Steel Chinese War Sword

Construction: 1060 carbon steel; Overall: 37.5"; Blade: 23.125" l Carbon Steel l Standard Edge; Handle: Black; Other Info: Fuller groove. Black cord wrapped handle with black coated steel guard and...
$1,186.00 $830.20