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American Hunter Bowie Set

Satin finish stainless blade. Brown wood handle. Stainless guard and pommel. Includes: 15" overall bowie with 9.5" blade; 6.63" overall caping with 3" blade; 6.63" overall fork with 2.5" tines....
$101.00 $70.70

Hardcore Hardware Australia HHA Tactical Pen Tungsten

5.75" overall. Pocket clip. Screw cap. Black anodized aluminum body. Pressurized ink cartridge. O-rings make it waterproof when cap is screwed down. Accepts standard Parker and Fisher Space Pen refills....
$164.00 $114.80

Books Be Ready For Anything

How To Survive Tornadoes Earthquakes Pandemics Mass Shootings Nuclear Disasters and Other Life-Threatening Events. By Daisy Luther. 218 page paperback. Bulk packed.
$42.00 $29.40